My name is Jesse Kraut and I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been in software development and BI consulting for 10 years. I currently work for Mariner as a Data Analytics Architect. Im using this site to post blogs about the custom designs I have developed in SSIS, the Microsoft BI Stack, and whatever other interesting challenges come my way.

Check out the blogs from the Mariner crew: Mariner Blog

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jesse,

    I just attended your custom component webinar. It was good. I am an SSIS developer and want to work on writing C# in the script task. Can you recommend good training products that are geared toward C# in SSIS for someone who is very light on the C# experience?

    • Hi Pat I’m glad you like it. Well there are no direct books I can say from a ssis perspective I think you need a basic c# book and try and learn how to trouble shoot code like using break points and message boxes. Then start to play with functions and arrays. This will get you started then once your comfortable you can tackle it in ssis. The stuff I went through was pretty advanced and you need to get the basics down before you can jump into that. But any c# beginner book can get the ball rolling.

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